Trademark Registration Services London

For every business or the individual operating the trade functions, it is essential to acquire the trademark. There are some businesses that are ignorant about the meaning of the trademark. So, a trademark is the unique sign or symbol which is given to the owner or the sole proprietor of a company or the firm to outline and identify the products and services that they provide. These trademarks are original.

In the United Kingdome, the trademark is the register-able and intellectual property of the business. When it comes to the trademark, it can either be a business-relevant word, logo, business name, image, symbol, or the combination of all. Registering the trademarks play an essential role in the commencement of the legal procedures. If the businesses have a registered trademark, they are viable to meet the opponents in the court if the trademark is used without permission. There are many other benefits adhered to the registered trademark as well.

If you are looking for the most reliable  trademark registration services London for your business, MintAccountax is here for you. At MintAccountax, we are offering the trademark registration services. A well known trademark registration service provider. The main objective of our operation regarding trademark registration lies in recognition of the business offering a certain product or service. It also makes the product or service line identifiable by the business industry. When we register the trademark for your business, we ensure that you get the legal perks adhered with it as well. Also, the trademark registration will ensure that you are entitled to stand against the legal objections (if applied.)

Trademark Registration Process With Our Team

At MintAccountax, we have acquired a team of highly qualified legal experts who are equipped with all the essential skills and knowledge to handle the trademark registration process. Our team is viable to manage and protect the existing trademark rights through the trademark portfolio. The team has extensive experience in the intellectual property management and has aced every operation offered at our business.

At our business, we are committed to ensuring the delivery of customer satisfaction which directs us to ease and fasten up the service provision. We can help you register and protect the  trademarks of your business by our trademark registration in UK.. When we take over your trademark registration process, we will ensure the delivery and functionality of the following;

  • We will conduct extensive research to identify the conflicting marks in the industry
  • We will conduct the preliminary research that identifies that similar trademarks in the countries of interest
  • If the conflicts and similarities are identified, we will release the opinion letter that how these similarities or conflicts can affect the whole trademark registration process
  • We will adopt the proactive strategy of devising the future goals and objective
  • We will make the draft of the trademark application
  • We will fill in the trademark registration application and provide the progress status
  • We will respond to the technical or non-technical issues regarding the registration process
  • Once the registration is complete, we will hand over the registered trademark certificate

Benefits of Registering a Trademark

When you choose our trademark registration services, we intend on providing the array of benefits to your business. Upon choosing our services, you will get the following benefits;

Greater Protection

We will ensure that your registered trademark becomes a valuable asset of your business, and you receive the adhered national rewards. We ensure that your trademark has the national entity. If the trademark has already been taken, the company will be notified, and we will offer the contingency strategy to adopt.

Legal Right Protection

When we register your trademark with us, we will ensure that you have the legal protection and if someone copies the trademark, we will help you take the legal action against them.

Greater Remedies

We will help you recover the triple damages and try to lessen the lawyer fees to ensure the cost-effectiveness. We will also provide the presumption of the owner. Our processes will ensure that our registration will get you the automatic right to sue the opponent and cheater in the court.

What We Need

When you come to us for the trademark registration of your company, we will need the following documents;

  • The visionary symbol or image for the trademark
  • The name of the company or the owner
  • Address of the application
  • The product or service line
  • Power of attorney

Once you provide this information, we will start the registration process and help you attain the trademark! Information regarding trademark registration process time and trademark registration fees uk can be accessed through call.


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