Confirmation Statement Filling London

If you are running the LLP or limited company, you would be well-aware of the preliminary requirement of confirmation statement filing on an annual basis. Before 2016, the annual return filing term was used, but with the dynamic shift, it was transformed into an annual confirmation statement. At our platform, we are providing the yearly confirmation statement filling London through which company directors are required to file the statements.

When it comes to confirmation statement filing, directors are required to file it in time, or else; they need to pay the fines. Surpassing the statement filing date can be categorized as a legal offense in the regards to non-compliance. The limited companies are liable to declare the PSCs of the businesses along with the voting rights. PCSs are responsible for recruiting and firing the directors. With our services, you can standardize your annual confirmation statement filing in a day of information receiving.

Once we receive the receipts for the informational purpose, we tend to analyze the information of the business and directors. This is essential to identify the gaps and differences as compared to the prior statement filing. After the completion of the confirmation statement form, we fill in the CS01 form for you and hand over to the respective institution. Once the confirmation statement has been accepted, we notify the clients about their legal alignment.

File Annual Confirmation Statement London

The confirmation statement is an annual legal requirement that provides information officers of the company (e.g., directors and company secretary), registered office address, share capital, and full details of shareholders. Many companies often forget rolling in their statements that result in penalties, but with MintAccountax, you will be free of such thoughts. As we have already mentioned the need for filing the differences, followings changes (if occurred) need to be addressed;

  • The registered physical address
  • Hiring and firing of the directors or the top-level management
  • Changes in the addresses of surnames of the directors
  • The company’s secretary
  • Hiring or diminishing of the PSC
  • The personal details of PSC
  • SIC Codes
  • Changes in the company’s capital as compared to the last confirmation statement
  • Changes in the information regarding the shareholders
  • Number of shares
  • Value of the shares
  • The unpaid amount of the shares

This information incorporation is pretty tedious, and we are here to take the pain for you. Moreover, if you are concerned about the PSC, they are the direct or indirect controllers of the company if they hold 25% of the capital share. Their information is to be added to the confirmation statement.

At MintAccountax, we have an experienced team of professionals that has honed the annual return filing sills. We assure the correct filing because we don’t want your statement to get rejected. We are also working on handling the dormant company profiles, so if you are one, get in touch. By signing in to our services, we ensure the zero late filings because we don’t want your shares to become the crown’s property. Also, you can even file your annual return online if it’s more convenient for you.

Along with the dormant companies, we are handling the confirmation statement filing for the non-trading businesses to provide authenticated and optimized services for all. If you have used our confirmation statement services once, we will update you about the approaching deadlines for the present fiscal year. This helps businesses stay up-to-date with the dates and stay safe of the penalties. If you choose us again, we will update the information regarding the stock exchanges, revenues, and other personnel (directors.)

If you are looking for the business restoration, we will help with CS01 paper filing. We will also take care of the statement strucking off date before filing the final document. 

Some Rules

  • If the charity’s income is less than £10,000, you aren’t liable to file the annual return file, but the record of expenditure, loss, profits, and revenue must be ensured.
  • If the charity incomes are more than £10,000, the company has to file annual return file in the fiscal year.

Also, if you aren’t on tech-savvy, we will handle all the technicalities for you, and you can keep on the business functions and earn that revenue you’ve been working for. All the details including Cost of filing annual return and annual return filing deadline can be accessed by calling us. So, if you find us the right fit for your confirmation statement filing, you are welcome at MintAccountax to share the details!


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