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A private limited company is known as a corporation that is considered as a separate body and having no concern with the owner and shareholders. On the base of its profits and gains, the company pays its taxes. The liability of the owner will be considered only when the owner offers any capital or investment to the company. However, the owner is personally not responsible for the liabilities and debts of the company. MintAccountax provides leading accountant for limited company London for your ease.

In case of insolvency, for example, the personal assets of shareholders are protected. The investor is not responsible to pay the debt to trade creditors, banks, and other payables. 

In this hybrid structure, the features of a sole partnership and a corporation are combined. If you are looking to attract investors for your business and if you are looking for those who are very apprehensive to defend their personal property, then this will be typically the right option for you. 

Before investment, the matter of consideration is not only limited liability. There are some other parts of consideration are also included and these are given below: 

Profit Distribution

Shareholders invest capital by issuance of shares, in  in a limited liability company.. However, investors can withdraw their money in the form of dividends or loans from the company after investing in the capital. At the end of the year, a 25% tax is also charged by HMRC from an overdrawn directors' account balance. The amount of bonuses is also dependent on the accessibility of the net profit of a company. 

Capital Investment In Companies 

Most of the private limited companies family-based businesses. However, some of the established business by closed friends. These companies have limited investment accessibilities. And this is because the companies cannot offer shares in the open market, on the other hand, the public limited companies can offer shares in the stock exchange. 


At the corporate company level, in making a decision the directors play a significant role. In pursuing any strategy of business shareholders can keep fitting their voting right in annual general meetings. 

The business is lead under the rules of corporate governance and these rules decide how the governance structure of a company is designed. In the management and making the decision of a company, there can be specific boards that can play significant roles. 

Reporting Requirements 

Annual accounts and annual returns are required to submit to Companies House by every private limited company registered in England and Wales. Before looking forward to register a limited company, one should have clear understanding of all the rules and procedures. 

Tax Implications 

Corporation tax is paid by limited liability companies that depends on the  profits and gains of the limited company tax and the corporation works as a separate entity to its owners, on the other hand, in sole partnership the income tax is paid by the owner on their share of profits.

Services to incorporated Companies: 

We offer the following services related to the management and operations to incorporated Companies: 


  • Solid financial report for customizing the business
  • Arrangement and sending of annual accounts   
  • On any sir intervals the management of accounts 
  • Monthly based services of bookkeeping and Xerox support services 
  • Preparation of VAT return 
  • The solution of the payroll related matters 
  • Planning of personal and cooperating taxes
  • Counsel on minimum wages and bonuses 
  • Registration services for payroll and VAT
  • Cash flow budgeting is also provided to the companies 
  • On the company’s behalf liaison with HMRC and relevant authorities is offered
  • To the Companies House, the submission of tax returns is offered.


How Do We charge For These Services?

The diverse ranges of valuable services are offered with a favorable and competitive price for the growth of your business.  

We offer good services with a fixed fee and our service fee starts from Liaison with HMRC and relevant authorities. Our limited company accountants in London have made it easier and much beneficial for you.

For any further detail and guidance, just put the detail of your business here and we will contact you back as soon as possible.


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