A partnership is known as an agreement that is done between one or more parties by which certain synergies are arranged to achieve the special goals. Two or more individuals, politics, education, or business can make a partnership with one another. The partnership is assigned with the specific distribution ration of the profit and in general, the net profit is equally shared among the partners. 

A joint venture is a type of partnership in which temporary agreement is created and it as disbands after a certain time specifically after the completion of the assigned project. 

Investment, Contribution & Profit Sharing  

At the time to arrange a partnership following agreements are decided by the partners: 

  • The distribution of profit and risk 
  • Investment by each of the partner
  • Give and take levels
  • Responsibility areas
  • Authority level or line 

Sometimes, it is possible that one of the two partners is to invest money and another only offer the unique skills to run the business or offer management responsibilities. Usually, all the profits are equally distributed among the partners except the assigned partnerships with different distribution ratios.


The tax does not pay through the gains and losses of the partnership. However, the partners pay tax from their incomes, which is an income tax. 


Businesses that are sole traders are required to commit for VAT in case the taxable supplies surpass £83,000 which is a threshold limit. 

Clauses Of The Partnership Agreement:

Following clauses are the parts of the partnership agreement:

  • Investment can be done by each of the partners in business
  • Share and loss of each partner 
  • Based on capital and its rate the interest is paid to the partners.  
  • Interests are on a sketch by the partners   
  • All partners are allowed to take part in management activities. 
  • Salaries are distributed among the partners if any case will b allow.
  • The specific steps to be taken in case of retirement of any partner from the business
  • If any new partner wants to enter into the agreement the new conditions may be applied.  
  • In the case of a separate business account, any clause may occur.

Benefits Of Having A Partnership Arrangement

One of the main benefits of partnership is that it reduces the chances of risk. If loss comes to see it equally bears by the partners. In the absence of a partner another partner still present. Moreover, a business can get better growth by a team or partnership of expertise. 

Disadvantages of Partnership 

For any debts, the partners are personally liable. Both can claim to the mistakes and errors of each other. The disagreement can occur in the business which can lead a business to a disaster. 

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