How to get Register in VAT If you are in UK

  • 2 years ago

Many businesses can be registered online as a group of companies or partnerships under the VAT number. You can register online in the account, which often known as Government Gateway Account.  Then, this is going to submit in HM revenues and Customs (HMRC) for VAT returns.

With the Help of an Agent

An agent can work for you to submit your VAT return and deal with everything on your behalf with HMRC. When you get your VAT number provided by HMRC, you can easily enlist yourself into an online account of VAT. Select the option of VAT submits returns from the drop down.

  • What are the reasons which not make you eligible VAT registration?
  • When you want to apply for the exception of registration
  • When you want to join any scheme of Agricultural Flat Rates
  • When you like to get register with anybody of corporations like division or business advisory under different number of VAT.

You can Register by Posting form of:

  • VAT1-A when you like to do business in EU business of distance selling to the UK
  • VAT1-B when you import goods more than the worth of £80,000 from any country in the European Union
  • VAT1-c when you dispose of assets when fund claims done on 8th or 13th Directives.

Get Certificate

It can take longer, but you get your certified VAT registration in 30 days maximum. It can be sent through an online account, or by any agent who registers you or by post at your given address.

What you must know

You must provide your bank details, activities, or business and your turnover per annum. When you get to register, that date is your effective date of registration so that you can pay your dues from this date now. It would be best if you were authorized by an agent to get registered on VAT

When you Get to Register

When your VAT taxable turnover threshold goes over £80,000, you must register, or you know that this is your registration point. This taxable VAT turnover is the sum of everything you have sold, which is not exempt from VAT.

Voluntarily Registration

You can easily register yourself as a volunteer. So, you must get registered for VAT if taxable turnover reaches its threshold of £80,000 in the next 30days or your business had a taxable turnover for VAT of more than the threshold of £80,000 in 12 months. You can also need to get registered when you provide your services or goods and sell them elsewhere.

Outside Business from the UK

When you have no business in the UK, there is no threshold for you, so you must get register yourself early as soon as you supply any services or goods to the UK in 30 days. If you register late, you have to pay what you owe.


You can get exception registration if your taxable turnover for VAT temporarily goes over your threshold. You need to write HMRC with proof that you believe in taxable turnover for VAT that not goes over the threshold in the next 12 months.

In this way, HMRC considers exception and write to you as a confirmation letter. If that does not apply, they register you for VAT only.

Taxable turnover of Vat Calculation

Taxable turnover is the value of everything you provide, which has no exemption from VAT. However, you need to get register with HMRC if your threshold for tax goes over, but this is not fix per annum period like other taxes. It could be any month period when you get register like the end of May or June.

The threshold of £80,000 is limited, and it goes up each year from the 1st of April. UK has a different threshold of buying and selling form other countries like the EU.

What you Need to Provide:

When your given threshold is going up in the coming 12 month period, so add all the value of UK sales which are not exempt from VAT, includes:

  • Work of building over £110,000 you did in your business
  • Loan to customers or goods you brought
  • Goods for personal uses or reasons
  • Gifts as goods, barter or partly exchanged
  • Services as a reversed charge from other countries

It also includes any items that are 0-rated and excludes from sales of VAT or services or goods you export outside the UK.

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