It is needless to say that the construction industry is growing at a considerable rate, given the upraise of the real estate market. The construction industry generally comprises constructing the buildings or infrastructures such as roads and bridges. The construction works start after the adherence to the guidelines of the client at a prescribed location. For the construction industry, it’s essential to endorse the sturdy collaborations.

To put it simply, an architect is responsible for planning and designing the physical infrastructure while the engineers are responsible for supervising the planning to ensure everything falls in place. In other words, effective planning is the key factor in determining the construction of an infrastructure or to deliver the complete taken project.

Real Estate

When the real estate is concerned, it comprises of buying, selling, commercialising, or renting out the buildings and infrastructures in the hope for effective and constant cash management. For the real estate businesses, it is essential to design the strong cash management.


There was a time when real estate and the construction companies were streamlined and straightforward, but today, the trends have changed, and both the industries are turning into a complicated basis. When it comes to the United Kingdom, the industry is shaping up into the most vibrant one, but the on-going and continuously implementing challenges have put the multitude of companies in danger.

However, the companies that are complying by the rules, they are heading for the portfolio expansion, and they are gaining higher than ever control over their budgets. Moreover, it has enabled them to complete the tasks in the given timelines to increase the profit margins and enhance their reputation. If the businesses need to ensure the optimal competition and lower the costs, they need to implement the precise yet timely reporting systems.

When it concerns the real estate and construction industries, it is essential to keep the record of the financial and economic sides of the business and devise a clear understanding of the external factors of the economy. At Mint Accountax, we have to try the real estate, and construction businesses remain above their competitors and compliance with the government regulations. We do this by aligning your business structure and processes with regulatory frameworks, cash flow management, and the time management reports.

In other words, we want to be present for our client base by helping them manage their business, and as we have adopted the proactive approach, we will be able to cater to the unpredicted situations. We have managed to acquire the proactive approach given our years of experience in helping the real estate and construction businesses. At Mint Accountax, we have appointed the team of proficient accountants who have gathered the expertise to help the clients in land development, home building, and real estate.

Our Solutions

We understand the expanding and never-ending government regulations and policies for the real estate and construction industry. This is why we are offering our services as we are honed to take care of every aspect of your business while you do the practical work. Over the years of service, we have accumulated immense knowledge in the field, which enables us to add value to your projects irrespective of the complicated and spectrums of regulations and policies.

When you come to us, we will call the experts of the industry to analyse the gaps and issues in your business structure and operations. The person will be capable enough to meet the highest standards of compliance for your business. For the real estate and construction businesses, we are offering the following services;

Tax Relief

The real estate industry is saturated with the landlords, and it’s easy to say, they are under immense pressure given the tax authorities are appointing the tax rate relief for the mortgage interest payments. This means that the tax liability per year will be increased. However, if you get in touch with our team of accountants, we will help your business reduce the impact of spiking taxes.

Tax Compliance

The government of the United Kingdom is trying to expand the tax evasions due to the economic conditions. Our team of accountants will help you declare your source of income and estimate the tax returns.

Cash Flow Management & Strategic Planning 

As a business, it’s essential to keep a record of cost, profit, and duration. At Mint Accountax, we understand the importance, and that has enabled us to do the decision-making part of your business. Also, if you devised the strategies for the matter, we will analyse them, fill in the gaps, correct the mistakes, and execute them to perfection.