Given the upraise of the retail industry, there are multiple industries going hand-in-hand with it. This integration calls for the progress of the manufacturing industry, as well. This means that the manufacturing industry is progressing while the competition is growing. This has led to the development of strict rules and regulations to comply with if the need for business operations is there. Manufacturing is related to the process of developing the goods either in a finished or semi-finished state. During the manufacturing processes, labor, machines, tools, and other chemical processes are involved.

During the manufacturing processes, the human workforce plays an essential role, be it the simple crafts, or the high-tech projects. However, the manufacturing usually adheres to the industrial processed, which generally use the raw materials to create the semi-finished or finished products. Mostly, the manufacturing industries are the large-scaled companies that process the raw materials into end products for the customers.

Financial Reporting Standards

For every industry, the government of the United Kingdom has set some standards and regulations to comply with. The manufacturing industry is no exception, and as there are multiple and high levels of the stock production units, the governments have posed the financial reporting standards. At Mint Accountax, we have devised a team that set the business according to the concerned reporting standards. The financial reporting standards for the manufacturing industry include;

IAS 2 – Inventories

This standard usually depicts the measurement of the inventories. Through this reporting standard, we are trying to comply with the recognition needs for the financial statements incorporated with the inventories. This regulation standard devises the need to measure the lower of net realisable value and other costs to determine the final costs. These costs will be inclusive of specific identification along with the FIFO and average costs.

Standard Costing

In every manufacturing business, a standard costing process is a must-have tool. These costs are lined with the manufacturing company sectors, which determine the costing methods for the direct material, manufacturing overhead, direct labor calculations. Many businesses are advancing their operations through the elimination of utilising the direct labor, direct material, and manufacturing overhead. This is because the approach used the rough estimation and expected costs setting.

However, the advanced approached used by Mint Accountax ensure that businesses are able to identify the high costing areas, which leads to the determination of the inefficient processes. Our approach tends to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business. At Mint Accountax, we have a team that has mastered the art of adhering to the accounting standards for your manufacturing firm. Through our regulation compliance, the businesses ought to control and record the raw material inventory, analyse the on-going operation, and determine the quality of finished goods.

Through this analysing, the businesses will be able to achieve the highest standards of productivity and efficiency.

Our Team

We have been offering the accountancy services to the residents of the United Kingdom. These years of services has provided us with an extreme level of expertise. Over the years, we have helped multiple niche businesses, and the manufacturing industry is one of them. At Mint Accountax, we have devised the team of professional accountants who have a firm grasp on the knowledge and real-world knowledge about the manufacturing industry. This expertise will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

When you come to us, we will assign the accountant to you, who will be responsible for analysing the essential accounting processes. Moreover, after the in-depth analysing, the accountant will provide the future practices to adopt to ensure the highest level of productivity and profitability. Over the years, we have acknowledged and understood the need for the advice, planning, and right implication for the business growth.

Our Services

If you ask us, there are multiple challenges for the manufacturing industry; however, the number of opportunities is growing at the same rate as well. At MintAccountax, we keep a closed eye on the opportunities and challenges altogether. No matter what issue your manufacturing firm is going through, we will be able to devise the best deals for you. Currently, we are offering the accountancy services which are inclusive of;


  • Bookkeeping and management accounts
  • Claiming Tax Credits for Research and Development expenditures
  • Claiming Patent Box Relief
  • Tax planning
  • Monthly Payroll
  • Advising tax strategies for employee remuneration & benefits
  • Financial advice
  • Advising on the most appropriate business structure
  • Advising in controlling costs and managing inventory
  • Assisting in implementing computerised accounting systems
  • Counselling strategies for energy and utility cost saving
  • Cash flow management and reporting