For every humane society, the optimal level of health is essential to living the highest standards of life and maintain the optimal quality of life. When we talk about the health, it is the protection and mental and physical well-being of the human beings. The health is ensured by implementing timely diagnosis, treatment, and the prevention techniques. The prevention techniques are applied for the multiple factors such as illness, injury, diseases, or any other ailment in terms of physical or mental health.

The health care services are provided by the doctors, nurses, surgeons, physicians, psychologists, dentists, and pharmacists. However, as far as the activities are concerned, they include primary as well as secondary activities in terms of health and care. But what are the primary and secondary health care activities? Let us give you an overview to clear things out!

Primary Health Care

This is the low level of services, or we may quote it as the necessary health care activities. The primary health care covers the general practitioner, physicians, pharmacist, nurse, and the physiotherapist. In other words, primary health care covers the consultation part of the diseases.

Secondary Health Care

This is the high level of services that are usually comprised of intricate and complicated health services. The secondary health care comprises of cardiologists, urologists, endodontists, surgeons, dental specialists, medical specialists, and other health professionals. These doctors usually don’t get in touch with the patients during the initial consultation sessions.  

The Challenges

When it comes to the healthcare service provision, the industry is facing colossal challenges such as the varying government regulations. The main reason is that International Financial Reporting Standards is increasing the accountability and public challenges such as the scrutiny. In addition to the government regulations, the healthcare and medical industry are needful to adapt to the frequent medical innovations and acquire them to offer the highest standards of services in terms of the treatment. These technologies need to be present to ensure a competitive edge in the industry.

At MintAccountax, we have offered our services to over 30 healthcare businesses, and through these services, we have managed to grasp extensive knowledge about the policies and regulations regarding accountancy and taxation in the industry. Through this expertise, we take pride in saying that we can aid the healthcare and medical industry with their accountancy and taxing needs without being a burden on their beds.

Tax Relief & Capital Allowance

The healthcare and medical industry are facing the financial crises in the United Kingdome, which is raising the issues of cash flow management and the ever-increasing competition. Moreover, the services’ rates are getting higher, which poses serious threats to the patients. However, there are multiple tax relief options during the financial crises that can be claimed. But the most healthcare clients are unaware of the options, and they don’t acquire the opportunity to claim the tax relief. However, at MintAccountax, we will provide the optimal level of services to ensure you get the deserved tax relief and the capital allowance.

When you come to us, we will help you acquire the capital allowances inclusive of new – build surgery or extension and other qualifying costs and even certain professional fees that can be recovered. We guarantee that our team will be able to find and claim the maximum tax reliefs, and it will be profitable for your business. We will also take a look at the cash flow problems and streamline the solutions for that.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

In addition to the industry-centric services, MintAccountax is offering the traditional accountancy services such as accounting and bookkeeping services for the healthcare clients of the United Kingdom.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Just like other industries, the healthcare industry is also ought to pay the taxes. If you need help with the taxes at MintAccountax, we are offering tax preparation services and the tax planning. On top of that, we are experienced enough to help in devising the capital gain and inheritance tax.

Payroll Services

At MintAccountax, we understand the importance of timely salary and how it can affect the productivity of the employees. The healthcare industry is very demanding, and the employees need to be focused on. This is where our payroll services will help by optimizing the salary forwarding and keeping a record of it for the future use.