With the increase in the chaos of the environment, people are gaining immense awareness about the natural resources and how to consume them in an efficient manner. Taking care of the natural resources is essential for the human community because it’s the last reserve we will have to survive. However, the energy companies are utilizing the natural resources like anything, and the level is going down on a frequent basis. These natural resources are the gift of the nature, and the humans have no credit to take.

The most common natural resources around us include the sunlight, water, and the land that is filled with minerals and oils topped with the wildlife. However, the natural resources are comprised of two categories; renewable and non-renewable. The non-renewable resources cannot be developed again once we run out of them, which is completely opposite to renewable resources, which can be developed by the humans. However, every business is impacted at a great rate when it comes to devising the level of accessibility. Moreover, the utilization of the energy resources can pose a multitude of impacts on the economy. The consequences are usually positive and have enhanced the living standards.

The Challenges

Every industry is undergoing immense challenges given the ever-expanding policies and regulations adhered to the operations, and the energy industry is no exception. At the moment, the energy and natural resources businesses are dealing with the issues like sustainability, regulatory barriers, public & media criticism, environmental impacts, heavy investment, labor incentives, and retention of key staff. There are businesses that are trying to devise the short-term as well as long-term plans which are aimed at reducing the footprints on the environment while complying with the regulations proposed by the government of the United Kingdom.

Mint Accountax

Ever since we have started providing the accountancy and taxing services to the clients, we have served the multiple niches of the business, which also includes the natural resources business and the other energy businesses. This is why we are well-aware of the strategies and work that goes into such businesses, along with the financial reporting and the tax planning. At Mint Accountax, we have managed to create a streamlined portfolio of clients working in the natural resource section as well as the energy industry.

Over the years, we have helped the natural resources and energy businesses that were handling the metals, mining, oil production, and oil exploration as well.

Our Team

We understand the importance of the right personnel for the job and how their energy can impact the productivity. At Mint Accountax, we have devised a team that has ample experience in the respective industries. Their expertise helps us develop the right strategies for your business and ensure the success and growth. On top of that, we will assist in the compliance with regulatory aspects and the tax issues.

Through this expertise, the team will be able to pay attention to the details, use the collected information and knowledge to cover the intriguing issues aptly. All the experience helps us deal with the obstacles in the business and path out the best possible solutions. Our extensive experience helps us bring growth and stability to your business. We have honed all the skills to devise practical solutions for you which not only deal with the varying regulations, tax regulatory standards, but the financial reporting requirements.

Our Offers

When you come to us, we will offer full-spectrum accountancy services while ensuring the factor of cost-effectiveness. In the plethora of accounting services, we are offering the financial reporting, Xero support, taxation service, and monthly bookkeeping services. While implementing the services to your business structure, we will personalise it according to your business needs and objectives. Moreover, we have devised the following services for the energy and natural resource services as well such as;


  • Back-office accounting (day-to-day accounting services)
  • Year-end accounts
  • Value-added tax returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax strategy and planning reviews
  • Xero implementation and support
  • Management accounts
  • Annual return submission
  • Tax-efficient means of retaining and rewarding key staff and directors
  • Income tax preparation and other tax compliance and consulting services
  • Vat and payroll registration services
  • Company formation
  • Advising on dividends and minimum wages
  • Assisting in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) investigations & inquiries
  • Trademark registration service
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance affecting the industry